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The changing spirit lapel pin is not abnormal in the body, which makes you unavoidably a little lost in his heart. Every time Cloud and Dust test ends in failure.

Try to do the best spirit enamel lapel pins with your custom words. Make you powerful. Some one make custom design spirit enamel coins, also work well.

This year he is fifteen years old, that is to say, before that, he has failed five times, this time will be his last chance, can not fail again. At this time, Qian Bo did not know when he was behind the clouds and dust. He patted him on the shoulder and motioned him to go quickly. Feeling Qian Bo\’s eyes, the cloud and dust had a little comfort in their hearts, gently touched the lapel pin on their neck, as if they had made any decision in their hearts. Turn around and say goodbye to Qian Bo, and go alone to the town\’s Quling Square.

Spirit Lapel Pins

At this time, Ling-testing has not officially started, but at this moment the square has already been crowded with people, bustling. Residents from nearby villages are coming with their own children. A group of teenagers gathered in the middle of the square, waiting for the beginning of the spiritual testing and the selection of the ever-changing lapel pin , and filled their tender faces with tension and expectation.

Suddenly, a sharp voice sounded from the corner of the square. “Oh, is this not our famous waste in Dongyu Town? Yes? Are you here today with these children for spiritual testing? If you have a enamel lapel pin of change, don\’t come and join in the excitement. People\’s eyes also follow the source of this sound.

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