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Taurus Brooch

Taurus Brooch

Constellation, I do not know when has entered people’s lives, young people and friends will like to meet and chat about the constellation, to help you see how your personality, what kind of emotions you have. 12 constellation brooch, let different constellation people know themselves. Custom lapel pins no minimum order.

Venus is the guardian of Taurus, so Taurus is a conservative constellation. He doesn’t like change. Stability is his attitude towards life. Taurus people are not impatient and impulsive. They are patient and very stubborn. Once they decide something, they don’t like to change it.

Taurus people are honest, do not like to lie, and they react slowly. Because of lack of security, unemployment is the most feared problem Taurus faces, representing the loss of focus in their lives. Taurus is introverted. They don’t speak much, but they attach great importance to dignity. They are honest and hard-working. Because the guardian God of Taurus is Venus, the embodiment of love and beauty.

Taurus people are usually slow and hot. It takes a while for them to adapt to a relationship, a job, an environment, but after they adapt, they seldom change unless they have to. And Taurus people have artistic cells, and have a high appreciation of any art tastes and abilities. Let the Taurus Brooch add to your beauty.

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