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The Enamel pins of Revolution

The Enamel pins of Revolution

Revolutionary enamel lapel pins need to embody the two sides of revolution, good side and destructive side. Our revolution enamel lapel pins are at cheap price no minimum order.

The easiest way to destroy a nation is to destroy their education first. Designing a positive-guided revolutionary lapel pin is of great significance to the education of children.

The simplest way to destroy an era is to poison this generation of teenagers first.

Therefore, when designing the revolutionary enamel pins, we must consider the psychological factors of young people.

We happened to encounter the world of The Bear.

Children’s film is a black-and-white world, it is a magnet to follow the bright direction of the world.

So more than twenty years ago, even in the world of the Black Cat Sergeant,

Seeing Rugg pistols, BMW motorcycles, uniforms with strong WSS flavor,

Even saw the soul-stirring sea-soul shirt, but any guys who dare to destroy the fruits of people’s labor,

It is bound to be severely punished by the badge designer.

Although hippos, elephants and wild boars all want to supplement their vitamins, only the 50-type submachine gun bursts awaiting them because of the destruction of the earthen walls created by forest villagers by*labour. These violent factors are best not included in our revolutionary lapel pins.

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