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The First Love Emblem of the Transition of Time

The First Love Emblem of the Transition of Time

It has become a big star’s appointment with the first love man in the student era. Still remember the first love lapel pins. Make the first love enamel lapel pins at cheap price.

As soon as the hostess entered the cafe, she began to look around: the sweetly telephoned landlady, the tense and anxious guests at the next table, and the pupils carrying schoolbags outside the window.

The sunglasses and masks hide the unexpected expectations and uneasiness.

A “Hello!” beside him. The moment I took off my sunglasses, Sweet Joy ran out of the enamel pins disobediently.

Nowadays, the first love male owner, who is only a small employee of a company, sits down greedily, nervous and uneasy.

He didn’t know how to talk to the big star in front of him.

After all, no one believed him when he told people in his office that they had dealt with people.

The hostess is full of expectations, accustomed to the insignia market, you cheat me and others around the true or false.

Looking at the stunned boy in front of me, I am full of yearning and yearning for the once simple and beautiful feelings. And the man really did not grow up, completely do not look at people, only know to bury his head touching his first love badge.

From simple greetings at the beginning to endless questioning of gossip news, the woman was at a loss. She realized that the past had changed, people were at odds with each other, and memories were just beautiful things that could not be returned. Later, a couple of male colleagues suddenly came out and talked in the corner, hiding behind the scenes. The male owner also waved his hand with joy (maybe he had called in deliberately in order to show off). It was a bit disgusting to see this. Here, the hostess understands that she offered to leave and leave her signature with other fans, urging her to support her new work. Well, the beauty of not going back, the first love badge that can’t be found.

“What a pity”, “Me too”

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