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The pending spring light enamel pins

The pending spring light enamel lapel pins

The woman is a journalist who just jumped to a lapel pin magazine. The man is an unemployed young man who is poor and white, fired and travels back to prepare to open a enamel pin company. They are in the spring. This is their fourth meeting. The first three times they met without knowing each other, their feelings developed rapidly and warmly.

After a one-night stand, the man was unemployed and had to leave for the enamel lapel pins company. It was an appointment that he returned half a year later.

From the beginning of the conversation, the hostess was restless and her eyes were evasive.

Words are full of complaints and anger about the man who has not heard from him for half a year, but he doesn’t know how to express it and what identity to express it. The man always talks about the interesting things of the badge and gazes at the woman directly to reveal his joy.

The mistress could no longer sit still, and got up to leave in an irrepressible anxiety.

The man grabbed the woman’s hand and took out the badge for the woman from all over the country……………………………………………….

In the process of chatting, the woman has been probing the man carefully.

They have a good feeling for each other, but they are reluctant to puncture each other, pushing and shoving, half pushing and half pushing.

This hesitation stems from the confusion about the future, the wandering of feelings and the lack of understanding of each other. But when the male host eagerly introduces the female host one by one to the gift badges prepared for her during the trip.

That love of sweet green and astringent once again emerged in each other’s tender faces.

The most amazing thing is the indecisive beauty, life is just in the spring.

Faced with the unknown spring badge, everything is full of uncertainty, but more charming.

“Come home with me.”

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