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The price of seeing love in the badge of the table

The price of seeing love in the badge of the table

The table badge tells you that the price of love is to start consuming one’s tenderness.

As a person who is doing Internet marketing, he reads one work at a time. Always unconsciously want to grab some soul information “positioning”. But this desk badge contains different contents.

It’s a film that’s hard to spread. You have to say it’s an art film, but it’s probably the opposite of a “commercial” movie.

But it’s also in line with our current dichotomy of the market — art is the only thing that doesn’t sell well, or bad movies.

Director Jin Zongkuan, Baidu Encyclopedia has no entries.

In the search engine, he is a presence sandwiched in entries such as Zheng Yumei and Yan Yuzhen. His previous work, The Ways to Use Polaroid, was a collaboration with Zheng Yumei and became Zheng Yumei’s debut work. “The worst day” cooperated with Han Yili, and this time it moved in as one of the stories.

I haven’t seen these two movies. Let’s put their names here.

It can be seen that the director’s perspective on the design of the table badge is indeed “art”.

It seems to be a method of poetry to use things as images or directly as things themselves. Two people are sitting at the table and talking. After breaking up, they gradually drift away. After a one-night stand, they are in love, their marriage is concealed, and they are forced to break up in reality. Feel the true meaning of love between people from the table.

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