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The self-redemption badge of the fraudster

The self-redemption badge of the fraudster

This badge records that a fraudster who habitually cheats marriage hires people to impersonate his family to attend his wedding appointment. Make your self-redemption enamel lapel pins no minimum order.

The hostess is a woman with a rational badge. Originally, the owner of a sports badge falls in love with the clerk in the shop. So she hires people to prepare her wedding badge carefully. She doesn’t want her relatives and friends to attend, which makes the wedding noisy and false. Well, this time it’s really a badge designed by heart.

The old man once missed his only daughter’s wedding because of his crime. He regretted all his life. He regarded the woman as his own and refused the clothes provided by the woman. He proposed to wear his own high-grade dress for the daughter’s wedding and a special badge for her daughter to make up for his regret.

No matter what kind of woman, she has her own stubbornness to the love badge.

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