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Touch the tiger’s ass enamel pins

Touch the tiger’s ass enamel pins

Why make touching tiger’s butt Enamel Lapel pins?

This is a truth to be understood. This is illustrated by enamel pins, which contains a story.

Do the tiger enamel pins no minimum order.

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Mora, there was a magnificent palace, in which there was a small palace called the Paradise Peach Garden. There is a tiger in this paradise. Her name is Dada.

The palace is the main shape of the badge.

In this country, Dadak is a national treasure, which is also fed in the Royal Zoo. Why can this tiger enjoy the splendor and wealth that other animals can not enjoy? It turned out that this tiger was fed by the king’s baby girl Adina. This Dada has a strange problem, that is, she can only see and close to her servants and kings, queens and her dearest Princess Adina, otherwise Dadak will be angry, tigers angry, frightening! Because of the special status of the tiger, no one dares to approach Dada, let alone touch his buttocks.

Tiger is the protagonist of this enamel pins

But in the kingdom of Mora, there is a regiment called “Brave regiment”, which was built by five strong and courageous men who claimed to dare to touch Princess Adina’s tiger buttock.

The news soon reached the king’s ear. The King laughed and said, “These self-effacing guys dare to touch Dada’s buttocks. It’s strange that Dada won’t tear them apart!” The King laughed and said, “Now that they have the courage, let’s bring them into the palace.”

One day later, the brave group of five came to the palace and the king treated them with great hospitality. In the afternoon, the princess took them to the palace of Paradise Peach Garden. They were shocked by the sight. There were colorful flowers, lush trees and birds singing in the branches.

Five Warriors in Enamel Pins Undertook the Valour of Tigers

Suddenly, they were frightened by the sound of “oh”. The original roar of Tiger Dada was because Dada found that a stranger had invaded his territory. At this time, the first person in the regiment saw Dada’s sharp teeth with his big mouth open and said quickly, “Today, I have a stomachache. You should touch it. I’ll go back first.”

The second man looked at Dada, a huge creature, and was so frightened that his legs just trembled and said, “I nodded…” With the sound of “lying down”, the man pretended to faint to the ground and stopped getting up. The third man looked into Dada’s frightening eyes and said, “Oh, my foot twisted just now. I’m going to see a doctor.” The fourth man simply said, “I’m sorry, I got up this morning and twisted my neck. I went back!”

The fifth man waved, “You cowards, look at me!” When he finished rolling up his sleeves, he had to touch Dada’s buttocks with his hands. Dada made another “oh” sound and kicked the man aside with one of his left legs. The man fainted with a “Ouch” sound. Four other people quickly dragged him out of the paradise.

This tiger butt touch badge uses five warriors to show the brave tiger, telling people not to provoke a real tiger casually.

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