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Viola paniculata Enamel Pins

Viola paniculata Enamel Pins

Pansy is also called pansy. It is a kind of flower in legend, but it does not exist in reality. But it’s in our brooches. Our Viola enamel pins are most soft enamel pins.

Viola paniculata, whose petals are composed of seven rainbow colors. From a scientific point of view, because flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, if the colors are too mixed, they will make insects dazzled, thus reducing the probability of insects pollinating for flowers. From this point of view, the existence of Pansy violates the natural law.

There is also a legend about the seven-color violet brooch. On the way home, a girl named Jenny was stolen by a puppy and ate all the bread. She chased the puppy all the way to a fantastic place. Meet a strange wife who knows that flowers with seven colors can fulfill all your wishes. Every petal thrown can fulfill one wish. The little girl was so happy that she threw away her first flower and replaced it with bread. After that, in the case of inadvertently breaking the vase, throw down the second one… At last she threw down the seventh one to keep a crippled boy healthy.

The story has a very simple moral, that is, there is no Pandora’s box in reality, when you have more benefits, the more you will miss some more distant, not for their own immediate mistakes, or need to avoid and get without pains. Your needs will not be easily met by your impulses. Violet Brooch can make you a person who can stick to and keep your dream. Everything is relative and not perfect. What you get is also lost.

Of course, the real world is full of too many uncertainties, we do not know what will happen next second, but with the seven-color Viola Brooch will have a strong.

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