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Wedding Badge

Wedding Badge

It’s a man and a woman and a marriage badge. The woman is going to marry, and she has a good partner. Custom enamel pins at cheap price. But she made it clear that she could always go back to him, even if he didn’t want to marry her.

Also want to continue to maintain a lover relationship with the man after marriage, and even said that they would go home together directly (anyway, the fiance is out), if there is a marriage badge, will not do these things?

Such a beautiful woman, such a good thing, the man definitely refused, but then said that he dreamed of going out for a walk with her last night.

Of course, the dialogue also shows the key to the problem: the man’s financial situation is not good, he loves his daughter, and hopes she will live a good life. And at the end of the movie, when the man said he wanted to give her a gift, the woman actually said, “God comes.” The car is the fiance’s, there is a driving recorder, it will be taken by him.

Then he turned him down and ran away at the entrance of the cafe. Obviously, two people are lovers, but love can not afford the happy life of the future, the woman throws out many “temptations”, but in fact only want to know that the other party still loves themselves, and then ready to marry happily.

Marriage badges give you more reassurance and loyalty to your lover.

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