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Why is this lapel pin bad

Why is this lapel pin bad?

Not because of the quality problems, but because the design content makes people feel bad.

Now many children’s badges are much stronger than this bear badge, such as the fox demon Little Red Lady. There used to be a Lingjianshan.

Whether it’s the picture, the text or the quality of the product, you can throw it off for several streets.

There were countless good ones in those years. Why not?

What does bear teach children? Human intelligence quotient is not as high as bear?

The villain is always the villain. What is the right thing for the righteous to do for the villain? What’s that?

Thinking of the year’s Go teenagers, they told us the darkness of the world.

Just go and make a durable quality enamel lapel pins

It also tells us that we should never give up hope. Blue Cat’s mischievous 3,000 questions have conveyed countless popular science knowledge to us.

At the same time, it also gives us endless happiness. The travels tell us to stick to our dreams forever.

Flying high in the sky of dreams, is this something? No,

So why can it be played on TV from day to night? Does it qualify?

Either! Our land in Shenzhou is much stronger than it.

Let’s make a positive and good badge to embody our values.

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