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Yumei’s Brooch – Not Just a Flower

Yumei’s Brooch – Not Just a Flower

The Yumei Brooch made of silk yarn is more than a flower. So when do people choose to wear Yumei brooches? Make custom design soft enamel pins.

In 1914, at the beginning of World War I, the battlefield of Flanders in northern France and Belgium was regarded as an important battlefield that tore the heart of Europe. Countless soldiers trying to cross unmanned areas fell into heavy artillery fire. On November 11, 1919, an armistice agreement was signed between the allied countries and Germany at Redonder Station in the Gombinian Forest in northeastern France. Germany announced its surrender. At 11 a.m., the two sides formally ceased fire. Later, in memory of the soldiers and civilians who died in World War I, World War II and other wars. On this day, from Queen to civilian, all Englishmen will wear paper beauty brooches to commemorate the soldiers and civilians who died in the two world wars. Even the first official portrait of former Prime Minister Tony Blair after his resignation is the protagonist of the Yumei in front of his chest.

Yumei is an annual plant, but its seeds can lie dormant in the soil for many years, only when ploughing the land will be awakened. Flanders, a deserted land plowed by artillery fire, eventually became a sea of bloody flowers blooming in Yumei’s eyes. The strong contrast between flowers and bones is really moving.

During the anniversary, the British Veterans Association volunteers will take to the streets, carrying a basket of flowers with paper beauty brooches in it.

Whenever a pedestrian puts a pound coin into the donation box, the volunteers will put on a beautiful brooch to the donors. The whole process is very quiet, friendly and full of strong human feelings. So this activity is also called “Yumei’s petition”. So Yumei’s brooch is not only a flower, but also a representative of peace.

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